Thursday, March 19, 2009

Asian Influence

The other night I got together with Jacqui and Debbie to make some cards for our school fete.

It turned out to be quite an Asian night. Jacqui made these cards with the (no longer available) Symbols of Solicitude stamp set, some bold colours and some origami paper. Very effective with the black ink.

Debbie used the Eastern Blooms set, which I'm happy to see in the 2009-2010 catalogue (yes it's arrived!)

I loved the way she created these beautiful cards with just a few of the Rich Regal colours and a white inkpad.
I made 2 noteboxes with 6 notecards in each, very much inspired by Marelle, and ended up with a sort of tropical feel which always makes me think of Asia.

We had lots of fun chatting, stamping, munching on crackers and cheese, and eating Debbie's yummy chocolate cake. It was nice to see the Stampin' Up! products bought at my launch night being put into action!

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